Golden Triangle Animal Hospital

Digital Radiology

Digital radiography offers the patient the most state-of-the-art technology for the radiographic evaluation and diagnosis of medical problems.  Due to the production of much higher quality images than traditional film exposures produce, digital radiographs allow for much more contrast and clarity to radiographs, aiding in the diagnosis of subtle conditions.  These images are much faster to obtain, allowing for immediate interpretation by the veterinarian.  Because these images are stored in the computer, they are much more “eco-friendly” than the older film type exposures. In addition, these images can be easily downloaded onto a disc for the client to have a copy, and allow for easy transmission of these images by email to a Board Certified Radiologist if a second opinion is needed.  This can all be done electronically, enabling an easy second opinion without actually having to transport the patient to another facility.  We routinely utilize this service for enhanced diagnostic capabilities for our clients and patients.