Golden Triangle Animal Hospital


Dentistry is an area of veterinary medicine that has developed rapidly in the last few years. Our clinic, in turn, has responded to this explosion by constantly striving to maintain the most up-to-date techniques, staff, and technology available. Our goal is to educate and equip clients to prevent periodontal disease, which is present to some extent in over 75% of pets. Due to this high percentage, we provide juvenile prophys to help prevent periodontal disease in young patients and provide education to clients to maintain good habits in regards to their pet’s oral health. Periodontal disease can cause pain in the mouth and affect other important parts of the body such as the heart, liver or kidneys. We are equipped to diagnose and treat even the most severe cases of periodontal disease as well as the many other problems that can occur in a pet’s mouth. We perform digital dental x-rays on all patients that have a dental cleaning. This provides us with a more complete assessment of your pet’s mouth. It allows us to see any disease process that may be hiding below the gum line. We offer many therapeutic procedures such as: restorative treatments, bonded sealant, endodontics, synthetic bone grafts, and surgical extractions.